Happy to meet you here (:

I help you unravel your Human Design.

Are you someone that’s…

Questioning your energy levels and why others seems to have more compared to you? 


Perceiving yourself as (overly) sensitive and would like know how to work with it?


Dedicated to understand yourself better with a system that combines logic and intuition?


Ready to take the next step in your mindset and your personal development


Liking to pinpoint your gifts & talents but als your lessons, challenges and limiting beliefs?


Curious to know more about your way of intuitive decision making?


Would like to know more about your (not-helping) conditioning and what you can let go of? 


Anything like me and endlessly fascinated by all the good stuff, such as: astrology, divination, crystals, numerology?


Finally ready to be more compassionate towards yourself and level up your self love & self care? 

Then I’m pretty sure you’ll love Human Design!

What can Human Design help you with?

Human Design can be your missing link! Or your tool to open up a whole new field of knowledge and awareness around how you work and what your unique energy field is all about. It tells you what you’re here to learn in life but also where your gifts and talents lie. It’s still a system, a tool, so don’t consider it as the holy grail. But if you ask me, it’s a pretty awesome piece of art to integrate in your life. If you feel a pull towards Human Design, this can be the piece of information you’re ready to hear right now, at this moment in time 😉

Human Design is

Customized to you

 Your design is based on your birth date and birth time. There’s no one else with the same design as yours. (Unless you’re a twin but then still your conditioning is different.) Anyway, it dives deep into your unique energetic blueprint.

Combining head & heart

Human Design combines science with ancient studies. Very nice if you’re anything like me: logic brain on the one side, but spiritual heart on the other. The way it’s set up, it made sense to me. Maybe also for you?

An experiment

The way I see Human Design is that it gives you different invitations. Invitations to look at this, this and this and then afterwards, you’ll find out for yourself whether it’s true for you or not. It’s not a thing set in stone, it’s merely a pointer to look in a certain direction.

It all starts with consciousness

It’s very likely that some things will resonate with you straightaway, and others will not. This is because you have a conscious part and an unconscious part in your design. Plus, you’ve been conditioned all your life. Not bad per se, but you’d like to bend the conditioning that is no longer suiting you. After getting to know your design, you need to find out for yourself whether things make sense to you or not (yet). Sometimes you won’t recognize certain behavioral pattern from the get go, but over time you’ll see them. The way I see Human Design is that it’s an invitation to ‘test’ it’s theory about you and your design.

Hey, how are ya?

My name is Marjon (I know, difficult one for English speaking folks, but more pronounced as Mar-yon), 2/4 Splenic Energy Projector. A proud Dutch-ie living in Australia. Traveling in a campervan when we feel like it, but currently based in the outback of Western Australia: Kununurra!

Ever since my burn-out in 2018, I’m endlessly fascinated about self-development and personal growth. When I dove into the Human Design rabbit hole I felt so relieved but confused at the same time. How can a system know this about me? It felt like a permission slip to become myself.

Now I’m here to help you with the same! To help you to feel that relief, that permission slip to be your true and authentic self! To embrace that you’re not weird or different, but that you’re meant to be this way (or not!)! To uncover what’s NOT you and to discover what IS you. I invite you to unravel your design together 🙂

Feeling a pull towards Human Design?

A foundational Human Design Reading can bring you a lot of clarity about who you are and who you are not. Lots of people perceive it as a permission slip to be themselves.

“I left my reading feeling empowered”
“Marjon has such a calm and comforting way of explaining your design and making you feel at ease. She truly cares about helping you better understand yourself and guiding you towards the things that are right for you. I left my reading feeling empowered and having a better understanding of myself, my triggers, and how to get back into alignment. Thank you for your insights!”
Chantel Keogh


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