Hey, how are ya?

My name is Marjon (I know, difficult one for English speaking folks, but more pronounced as Mar-yon), 2/4 Splenic Energy Projector. A proud Dutch-ie living in Australia. Traveling in a campervan when we feel like it, but currently based in the outback of Western Australia: Kununurra!

Ever since my burn-out in 2018, I’m endlessly fascinated about self-development and personal growth. When I dove into the Human Design rabbit hole I felt so relieved but confused at the same time. How can a system know this about me? It felt like a permission slip to become myself.

Now I’m here to help you with the same! To help you to feel that relief, that permission slip to be your true and authentic self! To embrace that you’re not weird or different, but that you’re meant to be this way (or not!)! To uncover what’s NOT you and to discover what IS you. I invite you to unravel your design together 🙂

My Human Design journey

Even though I immediately fell in love with Human Design, it wasn’t only rainbows and butterflies from the start. Reason: I had to uplevel trusting myself and see ME as an authority instead of fully trusting the explanation of others. Overwhelm, confusion, disempowerment is what I experienced. I noticed that my bitterness came to the surface. My not-self theme as a Projector…

It took time for the insights to find a place and I had find the right teachers for me. Not everyone resonated with me. That’s why I think it’s really important to choose your teachers carefully and always feel for yourself what is true to you. Feeling what’s right for you and trusting it, is only what you can do yourself, others are simply here to guide you towards it. If you want to.

But since I’ve started studying Human Design as a reader, it really calmed me down. I could really see that it’s a system of duality and that nothing is completely good or bad, positive or negative. Every variation is just a different experience and there’s a lot you can do yourself to move towards the better side of things. Human Design is simply here to point it out to you. It’s up to you what you do with it. So in the end, it all comes back to what you think, you feel, you do. 



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