A Design for Humans, say what?!

Yes, you read that right.

Your Human Design chart is nothing less than your unique energetic blueprint. That is a mouthful, so let me elaborate…

Human design is here to help you


Understand who you are and who you are not


Show you where you’ve been conditioned in a way that doesn’t help you


Tell you how you make aligned decisions


Discover how to best use your energy


What your signposts are for alignment and mis-alignment


What your qualities, gifts & talents are


What your personality is like: the high and low version


Understand how your energy works and how to work with it

We don't work the same way

What if I tell you that 70% of society has a certain type of energy and 30% works completely different? I am generalizing here, but what if you belong to that 30%? I do. So when I discovered my energy works completely different than the majority, a lot changed. A lot made sense all of a sudden…

Conditioning - the good and the bad

Throughout ours lives we learn patterns, behaviors, routines that suit us. They make us function and make us use our energy efficiently. Brushing your teeth for example doesn’t necessarily ask a lot of thinking aka energy. But we’ve also picked up ways of doing that don’t suit us or our energy. Human Design tells you what you are like or are potentially like. Therefore it also tells you what you are not. Your shadow side or your conditioning.

A tool to discover yourself and your energy

Think of it as a tool that helps you find your way back to your authentic self. Who you really are. I know, a lot of people or systems are claiming this. And it sounds promising but why not see for yourself?! If you feel a pull towards Human Design, as a way of developing your intuitive skills, to work (better!) with your energy, I invite you to dive into Human Design.

How does this work?

The Human Design system combines science with ancient studies (5 to be specific). If you’re anything interested in astrology and the chakra system, it’s all in there. And if you’re not but feel a pull towards Human Design, you’re more than welcome to discover how it can work for you.


Anyway, according to Human Design we are not only made from blood, skin and bones. The planets and other celestial bodies influence our being. And before you click X, hear me out. I know this can sound woo woo, and I’m not saying Human Design is for everyone. BUT what if it’s not about a matter of true or not true?


What if it’s all about discovering who you are in your lifetime and how you can work better with yourself and your energy and understand how you work? My logic brain reeeaally liked that. Understanding why I behave how I behaved and was tired when the rest of the world was not? Among so many other things.


What if this whole system is a myth? Guess what, it doesn’t matter. Because if only it would work as a placebo to get you to know yourself better and develop yourself as a person with all your beautiful gifts and talents, being more aligned with you and your intuition? Then what’s the problem? At least I know that my job is done. I’d love for you to be more aligned with YOUrself. Why not?!

Human Design is a(n)


It invites you to look in specific areas of your lifestyle and habits. You don’t “have to” change anything, but what if it’s for the better of your own wellbeing?!


Once you’ve decided to make some changes in your behavior, trial and error is part of that process. Don’t beat yourself up for not “getting it right” straightaway.


Getting to know your chart can both be clarifying and confusing at the same time. It’s really a process to process and integrate everything you’ve learned 🙂

Good to know

Human Design is a system of duality. Meaning that every aspect has a high expression and a shadow expression. This is very interesting, because it tells you what your highest potential is but also what your pitfalls and challenges can be. And where you’ve been conditioned and in what aspect you are or are not expressing your authentic self.


A great way to get to know your design is to book a reading, but…

…what if I tell you, you don’t need a reading?!

Say whattt?!

Why would I say this?


You don’t need a reading, because there’s heaps of resources online to dive deep into and make sense of your design. Plus, you’re perfectly fine without Human Design in general.


Not everyone is the investigator type (hah! HD joke). Not everyone likes to decipher it all by themselves. Some people like to cut corners or just FEEL that it’s the right thing to do.


If you’d like to dive deep into YOUR chart with ME. Than let’s unravel your design together.