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Human Design Reading

What can you expect?

During a Human Design Reading it’s all about you and your chart. We discuss the foundational aspects of your chart. It’s an interactive session – I share my interpretation about your chart and hold space for whatever comes up when diving deeper into your patterns, experiences and habits. Because, yes, it is possible that some serious sh*t comes up, that certain pain points come to the surface.

A common experience with getting to know your design is that you feel deeply seen and that it gives you a permission slip to be… you! Human Design shows you your potential. So it is very likely that you don’t recognize yourself in everything (straightaway). But it is really good to acknowledge the different sides of each aspect so you can start recognizing it and work towards it.


It all starts with consciousness

It’s very likely that some things will resonate with you straightaway, and others will not. This is because you have a conscious part and an unconscious part in your design. Plus, you’ve been conditioned all your life. Not bad per se, but you’d like to bend the conditioning that is no longer suiting you. After getting to know your design, you need to find out for yourself whether things make sense to you or not (yet). Sometimes you won’t recognize certain behavioral pattern from the get go, but over time you’ll see them. The way I see Human Design is that it’s an invitation to ‘test’ it’s theory about you and your design.

Aspects of a Foundational Reading



how your energy field works



how to work best with your energy



your signpost feeling that you’re in alignment

Not-self theme


your signpost feeling that you’re NOT in alignment



you’re most reliable way of intuitive decision making

Energy centers


what aspects are a consistent part of your energy and what aspects you absorb and amplify



tells you more about your personality

Gates & Channels


your superpowers, skills and potential



the way your energy flows and how you process information

Life purpose


your life theme, what you came here to do and how

A Human Design reading is something for you if:


You feel a pull towards Human Design


You like to get to know a personal development system that combines logic with intuition


You don't want to figure out your chart yourself


You'd like to understand yourself better and have more compassion for yourself


You'd like to make decisions based on your intuition

“I left my reading feeling empowered”
“Marjon has such a calm and comforting way of explaining your design and making you feel at ease. She truly cares about helping you better understand yourself and guiding you towards the things that are right for you. I left my reading feeling empowered and having a better understanding of myself, my triggers, and how to get back into alignment. Thank you for your insights!”
Chantel Keogh

“It ignited thoughts (…) and has inspired me to experiment”
“My Human Design Reading with Marjon was heart warming. Not only did I recognize so many things about my own design, but it ignited thoughts into different aspects of my life. It has inspired me to embrace and experiment with the things I have learnt about my chart.”
Niamh Carrucan

Let’s unravel your design together

1:1 Online Reading


Online Interactive Reading
via Zoom
(90 minutes)

Contains your:
type, strategy, authority, profile, energy centers, gates & channels, definition, life purpose

After care:
– 1x Check in Moment cq. Human Design Hotline support
(in case of additional questions afterwards) 
– You’ll receive the recording

234 AUD

After the payment I’ll contact you to give you further instructions and to plan the Zoom call.

After a reading

More clarity

You’ll have a clearer view on who you are and what you can let go of. Even though chances are not everything will resonate with you (straightaway), it’s an invitation to test the theory!

Better understanding

Because your chart will show you the way your energy works, where your challenges lie, but also what your superpowers are, you’ll understand yourself better. Result: more compassion. Plus a huuuge permission slip to do things different.

Words for feelings

A often acknowledged feeling after a reading is “I now have words for the feelings I (unconsciously) have”.
And then what?
Just like any other tool: Human Design is not a quick fix. A reading or understanding your chart in another way is just the start. It’s a guide book that can give you a lot of understanding and clarity, but really, that’s where it all begins.

Because, knowing your guide book is something completely different than living according to it. After a reading you’ll need time to let it sink in and to give yourself the time and space to make mistakes. Being conscious about it is the first step, but then testing, tweaking, falling down and getting back up is the next.